March 18th, 2018

Alaska & Fizz | The Journey So Far

Alaska and Fizz, the worldest BEST cats. Honestly, how else can I describe them? They truly are! I’ve been dying to write this blog post for FOREVER, but kept telling myself “I need to take more camera pictures of them.” It never really happened because getting good, professional pictures of them is not easy. They won’t stop moving! So, it is what it is! The best pictures are the ones taken during specific moments that my camera would never capture! So here are some of my favorite pictures from their adoption until today! By the end of this post, you may love them as much as I do!

Alaska’s adoption day, aka the best day ever!! Seriously, I STILL don’t know what’s going on with her facial expression in all of her adoption pictures… she looked like a kitten zombie! haha! Oh, but I loved her SO much already!

Alaska’s first night home! She rode on my lap the entire drive home and she clearly perked up immediately! She spent the whole night playing and being a TOTAL sweetie! Ugh, I am obsessed with her!! Look at how small she was!!!

She’s also the MOST talkative kitten EVER and that’s definitely not changed a bit!
Her little SMILE!!! She definitely wasn’t complaining when it came to being the only kitten for a whole month!
Welcome home FIZZ!! Fizzard, Fizzard the Wizard, Fizzy Wizzy, you name it! He gets ALL the nicknames! This little bugger definitely made life a million times more interesting and totally stole my heart. He’s such a SNUGGLER!

ALL of the loves of my life during NEW YEARS EVE! *not Christmas* My mother just didn’t want to take down the tree! 

And they’re finally GETTING ALONG! Alaska was totally NOT into Fizz for about two weeks, but she finally gave in! I mean, who wouldn’t?!?! Not to mention, he was VERY persistent and not scared of her hissing at all! 

Alaska… mouth/tongue out = requirement of a GOOD sleep.

That SMILE!!

KITTIES FIRST SNOW! They definitely did not enjoy it, but hey, it rarely snows here so I just had to! But don’t worry, they were only outside for 5 minutes max! 

Alaska had to wear the cone of shame for 9 days after her spay surgery… Fizzy kept taking his off, so he only wore it for about an hour! 

How to get her to look at the camera = scream. Her reaction.

As mentioned earlier, tongue out = good sleep! 

Fizzy’s eyes have the most character! His facial expressions are my favorite!!

and last but NOT least… these glorious images from just a couple days ago. Fizz left that can there for at least a whole minute… and Alaska… oh Alaska… the tongue out is definitely the funniest and cutest thing!

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  1. Ashley says:

    My heart is exploding right now!! They are so so so cute! Love all these photos. You’ve definitely inspired me to take photos of our pups now!!

    • Yessica Grace says:

      Aww, Ashley, thank you so much! They are definitely the sweetest! You should totally take pictures of your pups!! 😀

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